Exclusive Brethren Hypocrisy

I refuse to call the Exclusive Brethren by their deceitful new handle of Plymouth Brethren Christian Church. They are the Exclusive Brethren and have been since 1959.

Their leader Bruce Hales can’t work it out why we ‘opposers’ as they call us – the people whom they have dealt with badly and in many cases wrongly – can’t ‘get over it’ and move on. Why we can’t just leave them alone.

I’ll tell you why. Because they are offensive. They are dishonest and they hurt people. They wreck families, they take money that isn’t theirs to take and then they tell lies about their actions. So some of us feel an anger and obligation to fight back.

Their website is a barrage of lies put together with the help of spin doctors to show them as something they are not. To a politician it all looks innocent enough but to those of us who were in it – it is so offensive to show happy families frolicking at seaside locations and flying kites and the like when you know damn well that a handful of years ago- they were wrecking families for going anywhere near a beach.

They would have you believe -if you read their website that they are the milk of human kindness -rushing from one disaster site to the next -desperate for attention and praise. Indeed they are so desperate- that when the world is not forthcoming with strident accolades for their good works they write their own testimonials on the website. Trust me- you can tell it is them because they run out of superlatives when they talk about themselves and they cannot spell due to their extremely dodgy education system.

Try this lot – which is every entry in the feedback, following their attendance with sandwiches, at a local fire scene in Britain:

Once again, the RRT bring in some comfort to a stressful situation.
Well done!

Thank goodness that this Rapid Relief Team is there and to think that noone (sic) has known about it for so long. Now perhaps we can all pray for all those that help and serve so willingly. I am sure they will need it. You can tell that firemen and policemen sure are glad of you all.

Excellent work – you’re a great team!

To be ready to help out at a moment’s notice is truly unselfish.
Keep at the good work

Incredible – I was on the scene for a while and was able to witness the excellant, (sic) unselfish service provided, many thanks and keep it up.

Wow! Once again, you are there to serve as and when you’re needed. keep up the good work! We need you!

We need you indeed! Well tell me this then. Why is it that these people who are so desperate to help the fire brigade and the police and the supposedly downtrodden, treat their own so badly. Why have they wrecked thousands of families and caused so much anguish in the lives of people who used to be members of their cruel misguided sect?

Why did the Exclusive Brethren throw children out onto the street with no means of support? They will tell you that they don’t do this today – but trust me when I say they did. They couldn’t care less a few years ago. If you didn’t see eye to eye with them as a teenager- they slung you onto the street with the clothes you were wearing and nothing else. They did it to me. Couldn’t have cared less if I lived or died. I have trouble describing my feelings and confusion at that time. It was cataclysmic. The sense of loss is something that has lost none of its shock many years later. I was not alone. I knew many kids at the time who suffered the same treatment. Then they gave us the vilest of brands in Brethren terms – ‘Opposers’

Something like that in your life never leaves you. You don’t lose your family for life along with everything else and just ‘move on’. It hangs over you like a pall.

Predictably enough, the current world leader has rounded up the errant members of his own family and brought them all back with fat salaries and places to live – but thumbs his nose at everyone else. They don’t matter.

Long live the opposers I say. They remember the truth about this evil sect of people. And their vile actions.

If you want to know the truth about the Exclusive Brethren -don’t ask them or read their websites – which are designed to deceive and to mask the real truth. They deal in fiction.

Ask someone whom they has suffered from their inhumanity and who knows what it means to be on the receiving end of their vile brand of religion.



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