Daniel Mounter – A Profile

Daniel Mounter – 20/05/2013

Elsewhere, accessible to all with legitimate reasons, I have written a more detailed description of the events leading up to my leaving the HEB/PBCC/Peebs/Raven-Taylor-Hales Brethren. In response to the more concise questions posed by Wikipeebia:

  • Why did I leave/why was I thrown out?

As many leavers and ex members would testify, choosing to leave is often more of a process than a single event. Retrospectively, I can identify many trigger events; the HEB-appointed psychologist persistently stepping out of the box  and suggesting there was nothing wrong with me apart from being incompatible with their doctrine; being told in no uncertain terms by my pen pals from many different cultures that the Peebs had really lost the plot; my family having suffered at numerous times through the enforced doctrine of “separation” and being forced to kick out four older family members, two whilst still minors… the list seems endless. The actual reason I was thrown out, is answered by the following question:

  • What was the reason I was withdrawn from?

I was withdrawn from, as explained by my then EB boss: for being unequally yoked, that is to say, marrying a non-Peeb (incorrectly labelled an “unbeliever.”) This was not unexpected, the only wonder was that they waited outside the church in order to “witness” that my wedding had actually gone ahead, whereupon they adjourned to a special meeting to perform the final severance. Since this event, I have been told by my father that the only way back is if “God in his wisdom separates you from this unblessed union”.

  • What have I achieved since being out?

–          Returned to undergraduate studies, now 2/3 of the way to being a Registered Nurse

–          Emigrated to Québec, Canada

–          Become bilingual- English/français

–          Become a policy changer in my nursing college and the local healthcare system.

  • What is my path forward/ambition?

–          To obtain my double Master’s degree in Science of Nursing/Teaching

–          Become a community health nurse or Nurse Practitioner in a remote community in Canada

–          To buy a house beside the St Lawrence and enjoy ice/water sailing dependent on the season

–          Adopt a couple of children

  • If I could change one thing about the Peebs, what would it be?

–          Scrap the ridiculous, cruel, man-created, blasphemous doctrine of “separation” that doesn’t permit blood relatives contact with and care for members who don’t go along with it.