BDH House – The house of a humble man?

BDH house – This is the house recently acquired by Bruce Hales, leader of the PBCC or Exclusive Brethren. Costing AU$1.75 million for the house that was on the land, the house was completely rebuilt at the cost of his trodden-under-foot followers’ weekly contributions at their holiest of meetings, the equivalent of Holy Communion, the Supper. An estimated AU$500k-AU$750k was then spent on the rebuild and not only that, the properties around the house were also purchased on his whims allegedly for guest use. The house is rumoured to have as much space below ground as above in a desperate attempt for privacy for the leader of abusive Cult the PBCC – Plymouth Brethren Christian Church. A different take on being a simple Christian leader.

BDH House



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  1. to be honest 1.75 million is not that much to spend on a house when I get the money I could easily spent 20 million on a house
    I suppose its the humble touch you are bringing about , , , ,

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