BDH has advanced ‘Hinn’s’ Syndrome.

Bruce is suffering folks! He has had this disease for some years and fairly recently it has become full blown and very probably inoperable. This nasty condition was first seen in the United States and there are several cases of it now, on our shores. Doctors say there is no known cure although theologians, being the optimists that they are, say it is curable with something of a personal epiphany. However, the likelihood of this is at best, remote. The great leader has not sought treatment and it is unlikely that he ever will.

Bruce, being the stalwart that he is, together with his immediate family round him, is fighting on. His quest to spread the gospel has now been lost in the mists of time, having been completely overrun by his mission to be richer. And richer. Only last week, his cohorts and he raked in another 3 million bucks from his crazy business 'church' meetings. Now you don't even have to attend. You can log on, on the 'pipeline of filth' - but don't forget to pay your $850.00 entry fee.

A few weeks ago they even brought in a New Zealand Rugby player to one of their business hype sessions, to tell them how to focus and train and go for the touch down! The absurdity of that almost makes my head spin clean off!  But folks- these are your Brethren in the new millennium.  A money making machine - with the profits going straight to the top.

And so it follows that they start to become dissatisfied with their digs- the Hales are all following suit in the quest for even more luxurious surroundings as the Great Man has shown us in recent times with his new ponderosa. I found this on the web - so the medium they once reviled and now embrace as a money maker is valuable to all of us. Hales' posh properties need to be posher.

Bruce's brother Stephen - who has resided right under the sign of the Big 'dubbleya' -for those who have watched "It's a Mad Mad Mad World" - where the money was buried under crossed Palm trees - has now sold his Symington maddening palatial pad and is heading to greater opulence somewhere else. The money is on Cherrybrook - slightly further north - and where you need a big chequebook to put your stake on a piece of dirt. Apparently Bruce has been buying properties up there for some time now. Brother Steve sold the old place in Ryde for a cool $3.8 million the other day and upon looking at this residence of the Great Man's brother, who married his brother's (BDH) wife's sister, Steve has not been doing it tough for a long time.

What does impress are the gardens - manicured to a blade and leaf - and in direct opposition to the beliefs of his own father- the other Great One - who had as little time for gardening and its pursuits - and exhorted the Brethren not to engage in the worldliness and futility of it. Symington would also turn over in his grave if he could see the opulence of the Hales circa 2017. He spent years grinding the Brethren down, forcing them to divest themselves of any trace of privilege and to send the proceeds to him so he could increase his rural holdings.  Which he did. And admitted to.

Either way - the Hales are living large and well. And they can thank those regular donations coming in through the letterbox from the ordinary Brethren and the windfall that is UBT and its money raking branches all over the world. Universally! And probably the odd inheritance which would have found its way into their pockets. Just like it did in the days of his father and uncle when they would counsel the widows to leave it all to them.

This is what happens when mere men become so called religious 'leaders' of scared and sycophantic plebs and one day they realise that people will do whatever you tell them or threaten them with. I sometimes feel for the ordinary Brethren - those that have plodded away in life - but have failed to make a fortune like the Hales and the Gadsdens. You can imagine their importance to people like the Hales these days- somewhere between zero and zilch. Which is why religion and wealth should never mix. One eventually over-rides the other. And with the Hales - money is God. It always was. With money comes power. With money comes lifestyle. People without money are to be distrusted and pretty well- completely ignored.

And that folks is 'Hinn's' Syndrome. It takes its name from a shonky little Israeli (so called) Christian- who is now on the VIP list of every Versace, Gucci and Loius Vuitton store in the world. His crusades around the world always see him spreading his version of the gospel and returning home with his pockets bulging with cash. His homes match those of the Hales. His jets sit alongside Bruce's at airports. And like them- he found out that there is money in God. 

Anyway 'outs' - check out Stephen Hales recently disposed of joint. That by the way is what John Gadsden calls us. 'Outs!' All I can say is - sometimes it pays to be an 'IN'.



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