An ex-PB gives Bruce D Hales a Broadside (clearly knows him too well)

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You can’t fool all of the people Mister Hales.

I know Mister Hales is supposed to be wise and great and chosen and everything, particularly as he models himself as the “Minister of the Lord in the recovery” and “the personification of Christ on earth” – but he is fast proving himself perhaps the most inept “Man of God” yet.
And this includes other masters of ineptitude like three of his predecessors.

·         (JT Jnr for allowing his most mortal of desires to take over the last stage of his life. And for introducing the most Un-Christian of dictums – namely separation.)
·         (JSH for compromising his Man of God status in getting withdrawn from three times and for telling blatant, childish fibs.)
·         (JHS for dumbing the Brethren down to a point where most have no real education and for stripping them of their real estate assets and making them live in dreadful locations for a period. Financially many never recovered.)
Bruce however, has made some appalling decisions over the past decade –some of which will go into the annals of history where the Brethren are concerned. This is ground breaking, benchmarking ineptitude.
Let’s take this current debacle as a case in point. First off – you NEVER change your name! It is a negative thing. You change your name because there is something wrong with the original one. And that suggests that not everything is as it should be. Which in the case of the Exclusive Brethren is right on the money. Their name stunk. But at least it was their name. Change it – and alarm bells start ringing. As indeed they should.
Let’s think of an example of this marketing wisdom that might resonate with your PR advisors. I know. KFC! See- Australia had Kentucky Fried Chicken joints all over the landscape the same as the good ole US of A. You could not drive down a Main Street without seeing good old Colonel Harland Sanders smiling down on you in his bootlace tie. Then one day we woke up and it said ‘KFC’. And everybody said…. “Woo – what gives here?” And then the media said…. “Er there’s a problem with the word ‘Fried’. And everyone went “Woo….fried….. not good.” So poor old KFC suffered a fairly serious drop in confidence and I daresay sales as a result. I never had it again and I can only speak for myself. They are still here I know but that must remain as one of the boldest and most trepidicious marketing moves in history.
So by trying to deflect media recognition and attention by changing their sullied name- the Brethren have lost serious currency as regards their credibility. And it shows how shaky they really are as a so-called religious body. Now we see the dodgier of sects and so called churches changing their names all the time. Look at every preacher who has left the Assemblies of God over the past 20 years and there are 20 new breakaway church names. None of which mean anything at all. And just as long as people remember why these people left and from whence they came – their profile and credibility suffers dreadfully because everyone knows it is fake. Made up. Not real. You cannot set up a new church and in three minutes call it the ‘only true church’.
And that’s the problem with the Brethren. Rather than be honest and stick to their guns and their strange beliefs– they paddle around on the periphery of the world which they despise- pretending to be ‘normal’ and kind and decent. None of which is even remotely true. They are as shifty as the shysters they get to represent them. And trust me on this- their bottom line is the same as their PR spin merchants and lawyers. Money. Greed. And the never-ending grab for more money.
Suddenly they are thrusting pies and bibles under people’s noses. Suddenly they are wishing anyone who will notice them – a Happy Christmas. Even though they have banned it for 50 years. Suddenly they are embracing mobile phones and computers when only a handful of years ago they were wrecking people’s families for the same thing. See – not consistent. Not real. Fake.
People are asking the question “Why are these people who have been locked behind metal fences and gates with their security guards for years -suddenly thrusting pies and bibles at us?
Answer? They must want something!
And want something they do. They want the World’s money. Your money – to prop up their dodgy schools and meeting rooms. There’s your answer right there. They want to live off – US! And they want the right to hate us as well. Talk about bite the hands that feed you.
Do you think for one minute – that once the Charities Commission had found in their favour – (God forbid) – they will continue to serve pies and thrust free bibles into the hands of anyone who dares to walk past one of their car parks? Not for one second. You won’t get a crumb! The bibles will be in the back of someone’s garage gathering dust. The pie warmers will go mouldy. And Bruce Hales will be saying in his ministry – That was the testimony we had to make -in the filth of the world – to get them to see how good and right we are. He will make it up as he goes.
These people get what they want and move on. This is probably the very best example of their inherent dishonesty that I can muster. They are a fraud. They always have been.
So now we see their PR spin starting to unravel. We see at least one regional British Politician who has worked it out and sees them for what they are. Who was it who said- you can’t fool all of the people all of the time? Well Mister Stay is not fooled for one minute. He can see right through their tissue of deceit. And he is trumpeting it from the roof tops God bless him.
He sees that they have thrown 1.5 million British Pounds at fighting this Charities Commission thing and he says to himself – ‘Why?’ And he sees what they are really after. It’s not about helping others. Or rushing about like a spinster at a square dance telling everyone how good you are. Or about asking your Brethren congregation for any examples anyone can recall of where they might have done something good for anyone who is not one of them in the past. (It will be very slim pickings trust me.)
The Brethren have helped no one in the world for nigh on 50 years. They never gave to charities. They don’t vote. They hate the world. Their words not mine.
So this is yet another Hales led soiree into the unknown that has failed. His Citation has sucked a bloody great big goose into its intake. Take this latest technology embracing ‘normality’ that Hales has championed. One day they throw you out for a computer or a phone and take your house and family off you.
Today however – having now thrust them into the hands of his flock (for the extra dollars that will come into his bank accounts) he has another debacle.
The kiddies – their kiddies are like all other kiddies. Inquisitive. And when the other day they start a Facebook page – the poor little blighters are ‘shut up.’ Which in Peeb terms is Defcom 2. For dicking about with Facebook one poor little kiddie got 37 days in solitary. Or as they call it- ‘Shut up’.
Now the teachers at the Brethren school see this and they go “Hang on – you can’t do that to a kid! For that!” So it’s hit the fan again for Hales. No amount of brainstorming by Brethren PR guru Mister Jackson will help them out of this one. While it has fees written all over it- you cannot talk yourself out of a conundrum that is of your own making. It has credibility and human rights issues that no one can explain. And now they have shut the whole bloody school down because of the fallout. All over an innocent little Facebook page
And we see the gobsmacking anomaly of watching them fill sandbags at flood sites and making sandwiches for fire fighters when a few short years ago they withdrew from a man and wrecked his family because he went and helped a fire brigade put out a fire. It was an unclean thing to do! Explain that one Mister Jackson if you can.
So Hales would have been better off just trying to be a good Christian instead of changing the world. His world.
Sadly – it has now gone too far for that. And they will lose their charitable status, as they should, because they are not Christian in their actions or beliefs. They are shysters – who masquerade under whatever name they think will give them anonymity and some credibility.
But trust me- whatever they call themselves these days- it is still the same old wolf under the mangy old fur. With a whole new bag of tricks.

An ex-Peeb who knows Mister Hales only too well.



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