BDH has advanced ‘Hinn’s’ Syndrome.

Bruce is suffering folks! He has had this disease for some years and fairly recently it has become full blown and very probably inoperable. This nasty condition was first seen in the United States and there are several cases of it now, on our shores. Doctors say there is no known cure although theologians, being […]

Statement by Bob Thorncroft

Thank you for sending this statement by Bob Thorncroft in, it sure is an eye opener and a document that was written in true faith. Alone with the statement was a note: To put it in perspective Thorncroft was an ardent supporter of John Hales and believed in the ‘’unbroken line”. What it does show […]

Beware the false prophets of the Exclusive Brethren!

Beware the false prophets of the Exclusive Brethren! A couple of things dawned on me today which have not helped my outlook in the scheme of things. Two blokes on the radio (uuurgh soap and water!) today – one a Catholic Father -the other a pastor of some new order ‘church’ in Australia. “The Halleluiah […]