The BDH Index – Guide to all things Brethren

The Little Red Book published in the 1960’s was the infamous pocket, party-line almanac for Chinese people and was a series of quotations and directions on a huge list of subjects from Mao Tse-Tung. The Little White Book is Bruce Hales version -and it follows the concept of Mao’s tome almost exactly. But, never one […]

Rules and More Rules by BDH

Well – Bruce’s little white book on all things Brethren is a bit of an eye-opener if I’m honest. It is full of glaring anomalies, including the admission that they made young people confess to things and then booted them out for it. He now reckons this was wrong. At least he is honest about […]

Ken Rogers – Confirmed Suicide

Our readers wrote in: Unsure of date of leaving, but he did leave behind a wife and 3 children. I think it was 2005 he was living somewhere like Tocumwal, near Albury. He was being visited by the Albury EB, something to do with the Review and they had told him that he could come […]

Universal Business Team – Plymouth Brethren Christian Church

The Universal Business Team is Bruce Hales’ plan to not only provide masses of money for the PBCC coffers but this provide control to a level never before seen in the PBCC or indeed many cults today. In meetings in Barbados recently (2012), persons in the PBCC were told that if the did not support […]

PBCC Leaders on Public Record

These are links to documents (or copies of actual documents) pertaining to persons who are regarded in the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church as ‘leaders’. They would normally sit on the front row and would be invited to the ‘Levite’s meeting’ once a year to listen to the word “directly from God through the ‘Man of God’ Bruce […]

Plymouth Brethren Christian Church and Charity

Plymouth Brethren Christian Church and Charity or the Exclusive Brethren under Bruce Hales and their attempts at getting a company passed as a charity in the UK, currently. Baroness Berridge Contact Details Article by Stephanie Biden on the Charitable Status of Plymouth Brethren Interesting Wiki article on Parlimentarians and where they stand WRT the Charity Comission and […]

Written by EB

The following are documents and letters written by EB or Exclusive Brethren (currently calling themselves ‘the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church’): EB Separation Agreement The infamous UBT Handbook Current Employment Contract written circa 2007-2008 Horsforth Gospel Trust RC – Meeting Notes Stow Hill Cyril Parsons Letter – 1 February 2013 Copy of Focus Schools banned book […]

Letters and Memoirs

Statement by Bob Thorncroft – Sydney NSW Open Letter to BDH-Christie – John Weightman – 2013 Marion Evans – Her very personal Story – 2013 Sarah’s story – 10/4/2010 Letters to AB Parker 29/7/1970 PT1 Letters to AB Parker 29/7/1970 PT2 Letter to JTJnr from FD Waterfall 11/8/1970 Letter to JTJnr from J Lovie 12/8/1970 Letter […]

Legal Cases

Letter to Alistair Nicholson re Bruce Hales Wallis v Wallis Ray v Wallis Alan Ker Testimony John Wallis Judgement News Report 122_1993 (29th January, 1993) 160_1992 (25th February, 1992) 1284_1992 (13th November, 1992) 1313_1993 (22nd October, 1993) 1356_1991 (20th December, 1991) 1520_1993 (30th November, 1993) 1766_1995 (11th August, 1995) ANTHONY CHARLES WORRALLO v. DANIEL W HALES […]


This Library page or pages will eventually form part of the massive collection of both audio and documents that are coming in. If you have any documents that pertain to the Plymouth Brethren, Exclusive Brethren currently under Bruce Hales’ leadership that you wish to share, please send them to: Or upload it anonymously here: […]