The Schism of 1970

This paper was written by Roger Stott in December 1971 while he was still a member of the non-Taylorite branch of the Exclusive Brethren. It was written for a Brethren readership, and argued for a thorough reappraisal of Brethren teachings and practices. It was duplicated and circulated mainly in South Africa, which is where this, […]


Will you join the Defence Against Religious Extremists (DARE) and support Ian by donating and sharing this appeal? We have a David vs Goliath situation here. Our David is Ian McKay, an academic who has been researching the teaching and practices of an extreme fundamentalist religious organisation for some years. The Goliath of this tale […]

Plymouth Brethren Christian Church

Well simply put, we get fed up with censorship. If the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church has nothing to hide, then why delete all posts from a) certain members that have left, b) delete all posts on their site that disagree with their way of thinking, c) delete posts that question the morals and path of their […]

Legal Threats

Legal Threats – The following are a list of letters and/or legal threats written by EB/PBCC and/or their lawyers to anyone seem from within as an opposer. That is pretty much anyone who dares to go against the ‘holy word’ of Bruce Hales and his henchmen’s bidding, publicly. Atkins Thomson LM1 Atkins Thomson LM2 Atkins Thomson LM3 […]

BDH House – The house of a humble man?

BDH house – This is the house recently acquired by Bruce Hales, leader of the PBCC or Exclusive Brethren. Costing AU$1.75 million for the house that was on the land, the house was completely rebuilt at the cost of his trodden-under-foot followers’ weekly contributions at their holiest of meetings, the equivalent of Holy Communion, the […]

The Exclusive Brethren House of Cards

I have been intrigued by a dialogue going on the Richard Stay site which highlights the very murky, strange doctrine that is printed and held sacrosanct by the Exclusive Brethren. And even more intriguing are the number of Brethren followers who post their views and comments there – which of course are devoid of any […]

Exclusive Brethren Hypocrisy

I refuse to call the Exclusive Brethren by their deceitful new handle of Plymouth Brethren Christian Church. They are the Exclusive Brethren and have been since 1959. Their leader Bruce Hales can’t work it out why we ‘opposers’ as they call us – the people whom they have dealt with badly and in many cases […]

Barking Mad and Bloody Dangerous

I have just finished reading a fair chunk of Bruce Hales very recent ministry and I have to say, apart for the mind numbing repetition of messages -most of which warns of the danger of not adhering to their strange belief in separatism, the rest consists of the glorification of the current leader’s father and […]

The Appalling Double Standards of the Exclusive Brethren

The main thing- the single most important thing that is wrong with this so called Christian sect called the Exclusive Brethren or Plymouth Brethren or whatever they call themselves next month in an effort to disguise the flotsam in their wake – is that they don’t make sense. There is no consistency. For a place […]