David Gracey and his last wish

This one's for David!

Heartbreaking story, please assist if you can.

I have taken this text from the GoFund Me website as I could not stand by and do nothing:

I am a former member of a religious sect called the Exclusive Brethren (aka Plymouth brethren Christian Church).
We are urgently needing to raise money to help our close friends pay for the legal expenses, of a dear man, Mr. David Gracey - to fulfill his last wishes.

My dear Friend Melinda(also a former member of the sect), and her husband Scott and family - lost a very dear loving man - Melinda's Grandfather(a former member of the sect).
He was getting on in his years, however his passing, was very unexpected and shocking and came after a very troubling series of events led by Members of this sect.

This very dear man, Mr. David Gracey was born and raised into the above named religious sect. He married the love of his life, had several Children and many many grandchildren. He was an AMAZING, LOVING, CARING family man! In the late 1970's/early 1980's - Mr. Gracey had told us he questioned the intentions and teachings of the Sect Leader (known as the "Man of God" to them), that was in power at that time which led to his excommunication from the Sect. In being excommunicated, he was ripped apart from his wife and 6 kids and all that he has ever known in his life! He came home from work that day to find them GONE, and never was allowed to speak or see them again!
Fast Forward to now... 37 years later....to the week of August 1, 2016.

A Few members of the sect (including sons of Mr. Gracey) - allegedly had been given word from the "current cult leader" (in their words "Man of God" or "Elect Vessel"), From Sydney Australia, who just happened to be in Seattle that day, that Mr. Gracey was to be restored and to go pick him up from his assisted living facility. They had acknowledged that he was wrongfully excommunicated and to go pick him up immediately.
He refused to go, even telling his own sister "I'm in trouble", also telling the facility director, "please help me", "don't let visitors to my room", and "they are very strong and persuasive".
Unfortunately, they either pushed and persuaded, his mind wasn't clear anyway, and along with the shock and stress he had either given up or perhaps they just wheeled him out early in the morning. The sneaky, coming before and after visiting hours, the way he spoke to people around him before this happened just doesn't seem right and extremely unfair.

Then they rushed him on a plane on Saturday to Los Angeles California, where shortly after his arrival there, he died.
One of the very last phone call's he received was from his Bank Mgr. just wanting to check on him. His words to the Bank Mgr. were, "Something horrible has happened", "I'm with my wife", and then said goodbye and hung up.
Sadly, thru another turn of events since, the Reglious Sect went forward with a funeral - excluding Melinda and Her husband Scott and family, and all the rest of us, who wanted to say goodbye!
The funds we need to raise, will help toward the legal bills that Scott(Executor of Estate) and Melinda, have already and will incur, as they fight for Mr. Gracey's final wishes to be handled as he wanted.
We are in need of raising these funds ASAP.

We really wanted to help our friends Scott and Melinda out, give them some relief going forward with all the challenges they are facing with this situation!
Thank you so much for reading this, that is a big support to us. Any help at all, we will be forever grateful.

At last I just want to say, RIP to an amazing man, friend, father and Grandfather - Mr. David Gracey. We are grateful that you are in a much better place, and safe! XO
Help spread the word!

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Another good man destroyed by a cult that has a more manipulative core than the Islamic State!