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This is a letter written 18 November 1965 by John S Hales to Brian M Deck of Motueka, New Zealand, in which he acknowledges his sin in promoting commerce in the PBCC.

12 Austin Av

Brian M Deck


I have sinned against you & your wife & household and the saints & the assembly in Motueka at the meetings in May. My course has not been in the Spirit but in the flesh & there has been much transgression, but the things that weigh on me are these.

The way in which the status & exercises of the assembly in Motueka were set aside and not given any place to.

Much that was offensive in speaking & unbecoming was allowed in the meetings. I think in particular of the way I spoke to one brother concerning his contribution to the special collection. This was wholly anti-Christian & grievously injurious to the brother.

There were references to two other brothers concerning their private income - one for being small and one for being large. Besides a direct transgression against the brothers, it brought in the spirit of the world & commerce & worldly advantage & the ridiculing of a saint of God.

I am ashamed of the way I spoke to your wife at the family table. I was expressing my judgement which I now see to have derived from the flesh & not the Spirit. I transgressed most grievously.

I transgressed against you too in having part in commercial meetings in your house at the time of the meetings. It is clear too that the interference in your business matters was a transgression on my part.

I am appalled as I think of the kind of man I have allowed in the assembly & among the saints in contrast to the spirit of the men of God who have laboured & lived amongst you & live yet.

I am horrified at the dishonour to the Lord & to His assembly, at the kind of alien spirit & conduct that has been so active in the holy things of God. I am grieved at the pain & suffering I have inflicted on the saints.

I am under discipline for my course but I desire to convey something to you to put right in some way the awful wrong I have done.

(Signed) John S Hales