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Will you join the Defence Against Religious Extremists (DARE) and support Ian by donating and sharing this appeal?

We have a David vs Goliath situation here. Our David is Ian McKay, an academic who has been researching the teaching and practices of an extreme fundamentalist religious organisation for some years. The Goliath of this tale is the Hales branch of the Exclusive Brethren. Ian has been observing the practical effects of the Brethren’s doctrines and is of the opinion that many of their teachings are false, some immoral and their net effects are harmful. Goliath does not like his conclusions!

Acting through two of their organisations, UBT and BGT (the latter of which is supposed to be a charity!) they are taking him to the Court of Session in Edinburgh in an attempt to confiscate from him crucial parts of his research material, which would severely hinder his revealing work.

They are alleging copyright infringement, which any local Sheriff Court would be competent to adjudicate on at a fraction of the cost.  And the UKIPO mediation service is cheaper still. But they are taking him to the Court of Session, the highest and most expensive court in Scotland. Why are they going for the most costly option? Do they hope to bankrupt him, or perhaps scare him into giving them information about the sources of his research material?  They have even split the case into two separate summonses, which inflates the costs even more.

UBT and BGT are demanding that Ian pay them hundreds of thousands of Australian dollars in compensation. They would be lucky to get a small fraction of that, but Ian’s legal costs could be almost as much. So please give generously.

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A quote from a friend of his:

Ian has worked tirelessly for years collating information about the Exclusive Brethren (renamed Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, or PBCC), for all those who wish to know more about the PBCC.

The PBCC, with its carefully selected public image which they know won't stand up to scrutiny, has finally
managed to find, in Ian's work, something they claim to be an offense, and have seized upon this detail in the hope of bringing him down. Last year just before Christmas, several of us received lawyers' letters containingthreats of legal proceedings against us from the PBCC because we had been sent emails which contained information the PBCC didn't want us to know. We'd done absolutely nothing wrong. 

So, the Brethren are a wealthy and litigious group, which is an unhealthy combination. Ian needs all the help he can get to defend himself against them. Please support him if you possibly can. He could lose everything over this and he does not deserve it.

Every little helps. Together we can make a difference.


Ian McKay - You can help

Where will my money go and what will it be used for?

Jill Aebi-Mytton and one other trustee who are both friends of Ian McKay and also former members of the Exclusive Brethren will manage the fund. Withdrawals from the fund will be made by Jill Aebi-Mytton to a specially set up bank account. Any payments to lawyers to pay their invoices will be approved by both account holders. The money will be sent to the lawyers using BACS.
If there is any left over after the litigation is settled, it will be either returned to the donors (if so wished) or used to cover any future legal costs arising out of any litigation taken by the Brethren against any other former member of the group. Several of us have been on the receiving end of lawyers’ letters.



Michael Bachelard is an Australian journalist and author whose first book, The Great Land Grab: what every Australian should know about Wik, Mabo and the Ten-Point Plan, was published in 1997. In 1998, he joined The Australian to work in its Melbourne bureau, where he was the workplace relations writer and, later, the Melbourne business and finance editor, and the Victorian political reporter. In 2005 he was awarded a Jefferson Fellowship in journalism, and travelled to the US, China, and Japan for a study tour into China’s growth and burgeoning influence. Michael Bachelard became part of The Age’s investigative team in 2006, and he now writes for The Sunday Age. In 2008 he won a Quill award for the best news report in print.

This book is dedicated to those people, both within and outside the Exclusive Brethren, who have suffered, and who suffer now, under the doctrine of separation.

This link has been given with express permission by the Author Michael Bachelard to an informative, well researched, factual and referenced book about the Exclusive Brethren aka Plymouth Brethren Christian Church.

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Actual quotes of PBCC Cult leader Bruce Hales

"we reject terms sect, cult; everything we hold is for everybody.", "have to take deliberate actions to keep the world out", "there's only one collective position that the Lord comes to, that's among the saints", "the banks will fail one day, best investment is meeting rooms", "love seeing a young person broken, in tears", "football field, pubs, cinemas; breach of righteousness", "I'm an extraordinary man with an incredible mental capacity and a global outlook given to me from God"